STC30 Supreme Package

What is STC30?

STC30 is a new plant-based stem cell technology & the first ingredient to be developed based on plant stem cells, using a novel plant cell culture technology coined as PhytoCelltec by Mibelle Biochemistry in Zurich, Switzerland. 

          It is an innovative product based on an award-winning plant stem cell science – Phytocelltec by Mibelle Biochemistry (Switzerland). Research shows that when a person consumes 0.01(1200mg) of STC30, over 80% of the human stem cells are activated which gives the body the ability to treat itself and prevent all diseases.


          HOW TO TAKE STC30?

          Why Sublingual? 

          • Avoid first pass effect
          • Rapid absorption
          • Faster & more effective

          STC30 Testimonials

          Supreme Package

          • 20 boxes (15 sachets per box)

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