PROMAG300 is an all-in-one miracle in a bottle, a transdermal application that treats several kinds of diseases, a mineral that saves lives.



PROMAG300 is a Magnesium Hydroxide that has undergone a calcination process to use for humans by using nanotechnology. It is a transdermal application so magnesium is absorbed by the skin that efficiently and effectively addresses magnesium deficiency.

It has been proven that transdermal application has a faster rate of absorption than oral supplementation. Magnesium is absorbed through the skin, then enters the bloodstream and cells faster while bypassing certain issues in the digestive system that is normally preventing absorption. Heat also speeds the rate at which transdermal magnesium is absorbed.

Magnesium Benefits:

  • inflammation reduction
  • blood sugar balance
  • better sleep promotion
  • blood pressure regulation
  • energy enhancement, exercise recovery, & athletic performance
  • relaxation & stress management
  • muscle aches, cramps, pains spasms reduction
  • healthy skin & eczema outbreak reduction
  • anti-depression & anxiety, mood improvement
  • helps in the treatment of diabetes, joint pains, cancer, arthritis & chronic illness



Additional information

Promag300 Bottles

1 liter, 150 ml, 2 bottles (150 ml), 3 bottles (150 ml)


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